About Rob Stocki

Sgt Rob Stocki with Chief Vern White 1920x1080

[Image] Rob Stocki getting promoted to the rank of Sergeant by Chief Vern White.  Rob was the first in his class to earn promotion and also one of the youngest Sergeants to be promoted within the Ottawa Police.

True Canadian

Being a True Canadian – whether born here or emigrating here, is truly a coveted gift.  It’s up to all Canadians and Ontarians to keep our country and province “Strong and Free”.  It is said “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty”.  It’s up to all of us – the grassroots, to be vigilant and ensure for the sake of our children, that our country and province remains “Strong and Free”.

I am a first-generation Canadian, born in Canada to parents who were lucky enough to escape Soviet Socialism (Communism) in the 1960’s.

I understand the horrors and brutality of the Communist system, despite all efforts by Communists to sell Communism as a benevolent institution: “Promising Equality to All”.  –Utter Nonsense.  Within Communism, few are in charge and the rest are their slaves.  It’s just that simple.

I grew up in “Blue-Collar” Oshawa having half of my uncles and aunts working at GM “on the line”, in the glory days of GM before its decline.  I have a lot of respect for the blue collar worker and the contribution they make to society.


Super Hero

As a child, I liked the idea of super-heroes and the closest real-world thing I could think of that matched was policing.  I grew up wanting to be a police officer more than anything.  I wanted to serve my community in a special way.  I came to Ottawa in 1993 to study at Algonquin College, taking the Law and Security Administration course.

I later went to Carleton University, where I was honestly shocked at how politically left-wing everything was.  I was hired as a police officer with the Ottawa-Carleton Regional Police before completing the program.  (I took the offer!).

Throughout my policing career, I loved serving and protecting the public.  I can honestly say that among the people I have met in my life, many of the best were fellow police officers.  It has been and remains an honour to be a member of that community.


Business Owner

While in policing I always felt a burning desire to become a business owner and experience the thrill (and stress!) of owning a business.  As a business owner, I’ve never worked so hard in my life, but at the same time, never been so directly rewarded by experiencing the “fruits of labour”. 

I know the stress of business.  I know what it’s like to make sure your employees are paid before you can pay yourself.  I know the sacrifice it takes to succeed.

There is a special place in my heart for the business community, including the employees of private businesses.


Political Activist

Although interested in politics, I was never an activist.  It wasn’t until recently that our freedoms were eroded by current politicians that so became apparent that political activism is a must.

I was the first member of Police On Guard to publicly speak at an “illegal rally” (public gathering) on the issues of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms on Parliament Hill in Ottawa when the Covid lockdowns began.  At that time, police were violently arresting citizens in Toronto as well as other places in the world.  There was a very strong possibility of arrest – but I was not going to be intimidated.  I was prepared to fight for freedom.

I was proudly involved in the Trucker Convoy in Ottawa and vow to set the record straight that the convoy was a peaceful protest with protesters calling on the government to open lines of communication.  Both the Ford government and Trudeau government failed in their duties to address growing concerns of government overreach under the guise of Covid-19.  History proves time and time again that government routinely uses crises to bolster its power at the expense of citizens.



The problem we have in society today is politicians are using the tactic of “Divide and Rule” to turn us against ourselves and divide our communities, families and friends.  We are facing a political problem, not a health problem in society today.

It’s time to repeal laws that violate the Charter and it’s time to ensure our children experience life in a free world, just as you and I have.  It is for this (and many other reasons) I am running for office.

It’s time to open up our society, ensure children are back in school to learn and deal with Covid in a way that does not infringe on the rights of individuals.

I hope you share my values of Freedom, Patriotism and Community Service, and will do your part to dismantle the legally-offensive emergency powers the Provincial Government mandated itself to have.