Policy: Less Taxes – More Jobs

The New Blue Party of Ontario will lower your HST from 13% to 10%.

Less Taxes More Jobs

On the Grow Ontario’s Economy Page, we discussed the Laffer Curve and the negative effect of too much taxation.  Too much taxation creates economic stagnation, less jobs and of course, less tax revenue generated.

The New Blue Party of Ontario is going to give the Ontario economy a major boost by cutting the HST from 13% to 10%, stimulating growth and economic prosperity.

If elected, I also plan to look for other ways to reduce Ontario’s taxes and make Ontario the economic engine it once was, prior to the McGuinty, Wynne and Ford government.  (Let’s not forget the disastrous Bob Rae NDP government which was also a complete economic disaster).


One party – The New Blue Party of Ontario will fix the woes of Ontarians and get this Province back on track.

If you want economic prosperity, Vote Rob Stocki for Carleton MPP – New Blue Party of Ontario on June 2nd, 2022.