Policy: Promote Free Press

The New Blue Party of Ontario will promote free press and factual reporting - no more propaganda

Winston Churchill Said:

“A free press is the unsleeping guardian of every other men that free man prize; it is the most dangerous foe of tyranny.”


We Are In Interesting Times

Throughout the history of humankind, the most dangerous dictators started out by interfering with and extinguishing freedom of press.  It is a politically scientific fact that throughout history, governments that curbed a free and independent media eventually graduated to killing and imprisoning their own citizens for political purposes.

To some, such a statement may seem extreme or perhaps unwarranted today.  Those who criticize such statements are ignorant of history.  The extinguishing of freedom of press is akin to a military pincer movement where the attacking force encircles a defending force, trapping it and easily destroys it.  The defending force is usually unaware of the pincer movement forming, and most often once aware it’s cutoff, it’s too late.


The Normalization of Killing Starts With Dehumanization and Disregard of Human Life


Toronto Star Front Page - I have no empathy left for the willfully unvaccinated.  Let them die.

We had our first taste of the mass-media published disregard for human life with the front page of the Toronto Star, dated August 26th, 2021:

“I have no empathy left for the willfully unvaccinated.  Let them die.”

Today more and more people are aware the “vaccines” do not prevent illness, nor do they stop transmission of illness.  The argument that “Well, it’s better if you get the shot” bears no scientific weight as that statement remains unproven.  Even worse there are countless doctors today, despite the risks and consequences of speaking out, who warn that those who received injections under the pretext of “vaccination”, are far more likely to become ill than those who did not receive the experimental injections.  They key is to allow both sides an equal opportunity at debate and peer-review.

The New Blue Party of Ontario will untie the muzzle placed onto doctors who wish to “peer-review” Covid data (which is actually how science is done), and, will ensure freedom of the press by taxing the media that the Federal Government has bribed, creating a net-zero effect, destroying the incentive for establishment media to tow the line of their political masters.

Further, I personally vow to take steps to elevate the prominence of independent media, pushing for policy that prevents them from being silenced and muzzled through social media algorithms and manual censorship.

If you understand the need to protect and preserve your freedom of speech, Vote Rob Stocki for Carleton MPP – New Blue Party of Ontario.