Policy: Renew Political Accountability

The Doug Ford Government Will Be Held Accountable

Bread and Circuses

As an avid Historian I can’t help see the parallels between today and the fall of Ancient Rome, when politicians had to contend with the massive deficits they caused. 

There was rampant political corruption, mass political dissatisfaction, and a fracturing of the Roman Empire. 

The politicians appeased the population by distracting them from the issues they faced, running even greater deficits to provide “Bread and Circuses”, meaning the basic staples of life and distracting entertainment.

The blame of the fall of Rome lay both on the politicians and the population for not holding politicians to task for their destructive policies.


Parallels to Ontario Today

As we are now in election season, the Ford government has no accomplishments to run on.  They are dominating the media, offering promises of the future, despite having achieved and accomplishing none of their major promises in their last mandate. 

They did not lower taxes by 20% for Ontarians

They did not cancel the useless and destructive windmill fiascos

They did not substantially lower electricity rates

They did not improve overall quality of life

They did destroy businesses

They did attack faith communities

They did financially cancel political protesters, using the violent might of police to crush peaceful political dissent

They did implement among the harshes lockdowns in the world and delayed the education of our children

They are working in concert with the Trudeau government and planning to force digital ID’s if they are elected again (or any of the establishment parties are elected for that matter).  We are on the verge of losing even more of our democratic rights.


Holding Politicians To Account

The New Blue Party of Ontario is the only party fully against lockdowns and an advocate for freedom of personal choice.

We will dismantle the dystopian future planned by the Ford Government (and the rest of the establishment parties) and get the economy in Ontario working again.


The Future Is Bright – But It’s Up To You

Do not allow us in the Province of Ontario to repeat the history of ancient Rome.  Please do your research and on June 2nd, 2022, vote for Rob Stocki for MPP for Carleton – New Blue Party of Ontario