Why I’m Running

It’s About The Future

Rob Stocki with daughters in Air Cadets

[Image] Rob Stocki with his daughters in Air Cadets.  Rob Stocki is the Chair of the 211 Ottawa-Kiwanis Air Cadet Squadron Sponsoring Committee.

Throughout history, most parents have always wanted more for their children than they themselves have had.  Like most parents who love their children, we look for ways to raise our children in a way that will increase their ability to succeed in life.  It takes effort. Sometimes it takes sacrifice.


There is a saying:

Tree Shade

“The one who plants trees, knowing that they will never live long enough to enjoy their shade, has at least started to understand the meaning of life.”

As a family man, a father, a business owner and a concerned citizen, I am becoming alarmed at the increasingly questionable, if not incompetent, counter-intuitive policies of our current governments (both Federal and Provincial).

I am concerned about the unabashedly narcissistic erosion of our democratic rights.  As a person who avidly studies history, I recognize the societal implications (and left-wing political desire) of limiting the mobility of citizens regardless of the guise or reasoning.

I am dismayed by the violation of the integrity of our bodies with forced injections of “semi-tested” pharmaceutical products.  As a businessman who is skilled at advertising and public relations, I recognize the “compliance engineering” and “psychological operations” taking place, to coerce citizens into obedience to accept a barrage of “emergency vaccines”

There is no emergency and there never was.

I am quite upset, having participated in the Freedom Convoy in downtown Ottawa, to have been smeared by my government, for peacefully participating in a demonstration with children, bouncy castles, music, Canadian flag-waving, dancing and personal stories of men and women who have been injured and limited by the policies of our Canadian and subnational governments.  I do not deserve to be called a racist (I have volunteered my time and effort at the Immigrant and Visible Minority Women Against Abuse organization), I do not deserve to be called a “Russian Agent”.  I have served my community faithfully and impartially as a police officer.  I participated in the convoy to open a dialogue with our politicians along with active and retired Canadian Forces veterans.  We are not terrorists, we are patriots.

The Real Anthony Fauci - Bill Gates, Big Pharma and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health

I have read the book by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. from the Children’s Health Defense Network – “The Real Anthony Fauci, Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health”.

The pharmaceutical scam is not only well-documented, but it’s contemporary example of political power wielded by elites over the regular population for unbridled profiteering with full civil immunity from prosecution.  Yes, the government has promised the pharmaceutical companies immunity from civil liability for their chemical injections.  The government, using tax-payer funds, has setup a vaccine injury support program.


Do you know what that means?

That means the pharmaceutical companies make obscene profits, at our expense, since the funding comes from our tax dollars.  And, in the case of injury or civil liability, again, at our expense because it’s tax-dollars that are going to be used to pay civil claims, not the obscene profits of the pharmaceutical industry.

You really must read the book.  I mean really.

Then there’s the government levers used to keep the scam alive:

  1. Silencing doctors who dare challenge the political narrative.
  2. Attacking different opinions through the use of financial hardships, loss of work, loss of reputation and ultimate “cancellation”.
  3. Labelling those who insist on the “Freedom of Choice” to not become a part of a medical experiment as “racist”.
  4. The deliberate division of society by government through fear and misinformation.
  5. The building of Covid “Detention Facilities” to coerce fear and compliance.  Do you remember a time in history when the government built “prison camps” for political prisoners who weren’t “desirable” to the government?  I sure do.

People who pay attention to what’s going on have reached the same conclusion.  Government is out of control.  Most modern-day politicians put their interests first as oppose to the interests of those they are sworn to represent.

It’s time to replace career politicians with real people from our community to represent the interests of the people in our communities.

It is for these reasons I am running for office.  I hope you support my bid to:

  1. Turn the economy of Ontario around.
  2. Lower taxes, including the HST from 13% to 10%.
  3. Cancel useless windfarms and bring the cost of electricity down in Ontario.
  4. Cancel “cancel culture” in the Province of Ontario
  5. Cancel “woke” in the Province of Ontario
  6. Rehire all the fired doctors and nurses.
  7. Provide compensation to those individuals who stood for freedom but were punished by the Ford and Trudeau governments for lawfully exercising their rights to challenge their democratically elected government in a peaceful fashion.
  8. Cancel the sex-indoctrination program in schools.
  9. Cancel “Critical Race Theory” which allows teachers to fine students who they deem to be “subconsciously racist”.

This next election is the most critical election the citizens of Ontario have ever faced.  Please make the right decision and allow government to once again work for you.

Make the right decision and vote New Blue Party of Ontario.